TheBodyWork is a somatic practice engaging and connecting the body and mind. Using improvisational movements, imagery, breathwork, touch for health, and dance, participants learn to sense, feel and attend to their whole self.

With deepening music and guided instruction, TheBodyWork inspires people to listen to their body and witness their mind, find sensation where there was stagnation, and release what no longer serves. TheBodyWork connects people to themselves but can also serve as a way to bring groups and teams together in a collective practice of awareness and self care. TheBodyWork is available for in-person corporate workshops or retreats, team building for organizations and groups, wellness days for staff and boards, and is also streaming online to experience from your own home. Workshops can be tailored to your group or gathering. To book a BodyWork workshop for a business, organization, or group contact Katie McCaughan.

TheBodyWork classes and workshops coming soon!