Commissions & Collaborators


Jonah Bokaer

Did I Remember (2018)

“You are an exemplary, unique, inspiring, and special group – the choreography looks so at home with you, on you, and for you.”

Created in partnership with Long Road Projects and made possible in part by the 2018 PNC Arts Alive Grant Program

James Boyd

United Action (2017)

“It was an honor to set this new work on the JDT company. With such talent, we created timeless movement with timeless music. A new work that displays the simple thought of working together as ‘United Action’ will provide long-term success for any endeavor the City of Jacksonville strives for.”

Made possible in part by the 2016 PNC Arts Alive Grant Program

Emily Cargill

all of these crowded rooms (2014)

“I’ll try to be around and about. But if I’m not, then you know I’m behind your eyelids.” – unknown
‘all these crowded rooms’ looks at the fragile, unknown, hairline pause that separates the now from the next. In this piece, choreographer, Emily Cargill, explores the fraction of the second that exists between the human form and an otherworldly place.

Bryn Cohn

Buckeye Jim (2018)

“Working with JDT has illuminated how dance becomes a vehicle to speak to the collective life experiences these women have had. Their unwavering authenticity and ferocity are emblematic of the maturity they offer to their current dance practices.”

This work explores themes of feminism, competition, and freedom. Four women, with four distinct personas, unite through kinetic partnering, physical abandon and evolving intimacy. Made possible in part by the 2018 PNC Arts Alive Grant Program

Lana Heylock

Point of Departure (2014)

“Working with the professional dancers of JDT was incredibly inspiring. The technical strength, artistic integrity, and deepened maturity of each artist highly contributed to the creative process.”

Jay Jackson

Tanked (2017)

Inspired by the documentary, Blackfish, the choreographer explores the abuses and mistreatment of animals in zoos and marine parks. This work is a statement about the enjoyment of witnessing these magnificent animals, and the moral struggle of keeping them captive for human enjoyment.

Bliss Kholmeyer

Finding an Opening (2006)

‘Finding an Opening’ is a duet that is an intra-personal journey exploring the relationship between a woman’s performative self and inner voice. ​

Lisa D. Long

3-2-Tango (2014)

“Working with the JDT dancers was a mountain top experience. Their openness and professionalism made the process fruitful throughout. Their fully developed artistry gave my work the depth and breath that it had in my imagination.”

James Morrow

Stakes is High (2016)

“The women of JDT are my sisters. Every time I get the chance to set a work or perform as a guest artist it’s like a homecoming. All the love and peace to my extended dance family.”

‘Stakes is High’ explores the fragility of life. The piece was created with the intention of the dancers to be truly present, recognizing each other on stage and understanding that these few moments are a gift. Its premiere performance in June of 2016 was dedicated to the lives lost during the Pulse Nightclub mass shooting.

Brian Palmer

Metamorphosis (2001)

“Choreographic commissions have become a necessary part of any professional art organizations to remain current and competitive in the field. JDT provides a unique experience; using the talents of dancers in the company to create an original piece of art live for the viewers to enjoy. In true repertory fashion the artistic staff are constantly finding new purposes for past-created works. Dancers are the instruments and spaces are the studios that require resources. More than just entertain, Jacksonville Dance Theater speaks to contemporary styles and themes, relevant social issues that illuminate the human condition.”

Mikey Rioux

The place of the end not imagined… (2015)

“‘The place of the end not imagined…’ is an expression of faith in the cyclical nature of existence. Every ending is a beginning. Every death is another birth. We must know darkness so that we can see the light.”

Talani Torres

A Study in Frames

In this piece, dancers stir in and out of six brilliant red frames while an overhead live feed projects their image, providing a kaleidoscope effect–a visually stunning experience sprinkled with the unexpected.

JoAnna Ursal

Dance Me To The End Of Love (2017)

“JDT boldly connects community with contemporary dance in ways that inspire dialogue, and create opportunities for dance artists like me to develop work and feel supported in doing so.”

Pioneer Winter

Better (2019)

It’s about life. It’s about how we try to avoid unavoidable things. It’s about seeing a problem and waiting for others to see it too. And once all see, delaying a solution or shifting responsibility. It’s about finally acknowledging nobody else can be held responsible for what we all see. And that even our solution – or avoidance – is a temporary one.


Nancy Evans Dance Theatre

Jacksonville Dance Theatre and NEDT have worked as “sister” companies for the past 6 years, and produced their first evening length concert shared by the companies in 2018.

“Artistic partnerships are crucial to the growth and health of any dancer, choreographer, or dance company. I feel deeply grateful that I’ve developed such a close and creative relationship with Nancy and her company, and that we’ve worked together for so many years. We push and challenge each other through both programmatic and artistic projects, and I just think it is so special to share the stage with them.” – Rebecca R. Levy, Artistic Director, Jacksonville Dance Theatre


Rebecca R. Levy



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