In Turn (2023)

Choreography by Hilary Libman

5 Dancers

Costumes by Caitlyn Flynn and Hilary Libman

Labyrinth (2022)

Choreography by Bliss Kohlmyer

7 dancers

Mine, Yours, Theirs, Ours (2022)

Choreography by Eboné Camille Amos

8 dancers

La Mesa (2022)

Choreography by Rebecca R. Levy

Artwork by Mico Fuentes

4 dancers

Disorder (2021)

Direction and Choreography by Rebecca R. Levy

7 Dancers + guests

Music Written, Performed & Produced by Mark Snyder

Gloria (2021)

Choreography by Roberto Forleo

Rehearsal Direction by Kristen Sholes Sullivan

5 dancers

Great Stone (2020)

Choreography by Kristen Sholes Sullivan

8 Dancers

Commissioned in 2019 by Jacksonville Dance Theatre

Body (2019)

Choreography and Direction by Rebecca R. Levy in Collaboration with the Performers

Original Composition by Interdisciplinary Composer/Percussionist JoAnne C. Maffia

Sign Art Design and Construction by Mico Fuentes

8-9 dancers

This work was inspired by unsolicited feedback by audience members commenting on the appearance of the dancer bodies. As a response the artist created Body, an investigation through movement and sound the way that human bodies are formed, explored, exploited, experienced from within, and viewed from the outside.

the things they carried (2018)

Choreography by Kristen Sholes Sullivan with Amalia Rivera


The Thing She Said – Make a Different Choice (2017)

Choreography by Rebecca R. Levy

Repetiteur, Tess Sturgeon

5 dancers

Stakes is High (2016)

Choreography by James Morrow

7 Dancers


Three tasks for 5 minutes each, once a day, 25 days (2016)

Choreography by Rebecca R. Levy

1 dancer

This solo was created as a part of JDT’s In Here commissions in 2016 asking choreographers to activate a new process of dance creation that they had never tried before. The artist decided to set daily tasks, one being to choreograph for 5 minutes every day for one complete month. The material that was set in those 5 minutes was kept and accumulated into a 25 day collection of dance moments, strung together in order. This solo is exactly that, unaltered.

Protecting Sparsity (2014)

Choreography by Rebecca R. Levy


Artwork by Mico A Fuentes

Kitchen Sink (2009)

Choreographed by Rebecca R. Levy

Music by Patsy Cline “I Fall to Pieces” and Pan Sonic “Jhoto”

2 dancers