Rebecca R. Levy

“Art is an effort to create, beside the real world, a more humane world.”

– Andre Maurois

As an artist, I search for meaningful ways to engage with this art form that is my daily practice and life’s work. I am inspired by diverse voices and ideas in dance and culture that challenge and expand my creative process. I consider it my job to put myself in the way of innovative methods in choreography while also finding inspiration in the presence of JDT’s talented dance artists.

I put myself in the way of the world so I can do my work of making dances that unpack the mysteries of self, other, culture, world, and universe.

My love for dance is triumphed only by my desire to create meaningful connection. To live in a world where all human bodies are honored, where personal agency is respected, where injustices are exposed, and healing can occur. Though we founded Jacksonville Dance Theatre with the desire to create professional dance opportunities and concert stage works, we have the gift of time and experience to see that though these things remain important, we have a platform to amplify and uplift the voices of our dancers, collaborators, students, children, families, our community and city.

JDT calls attention to the strength and power of a company of female bodies and the stories we hold and tell. We engage with the traditional expectations of dance performance while insisting that dance can be an affecting communicator of complex concepts, juxtaposing themes, abstract ideas, and compelling narratives.

At JDT, we see the power of the human body as a symbol, vessel, and home. JDT’s big and wild heart cares profoundly for our community and wants to reach out a wide open palm to you through our mission of dance making, creative exchange, and dedication to school and community based dance education and embodiment work.

As we navigate our journeys of personal and collective healing, and our desire to make and share artful experiences that bring us closer to one another, I invite you to join us: let’s Live in the Movement.