Sustain the Movement

Sustain the Movement

JDT’s Sustainability Fund is dedicated to ensuring JDT’s longevity and financial health. The COVID19 pandemic brought the professional performing arts industries to their knees…JDT was no exception.

Having to be away from the studio and stage was one of the hardest things we’ve experienced as a company. The bravery, vulnerability, and hard work of the dancers and board cannot be understated. Though we started working on new dances before the pandemic, the experiences of isolation, collective trauma, loneliness, and anxiety are ever more present and important to examine both individually and collectively. In the end, our love for dance is triumphed only by our desire to create meaningful connection. To live in a world where all human bodies are honored, where personal agency is respected, where injustices are exposed, and healing can occur.

Your gift will help JDT emerge from this pandemic stronger than ever and will make possible the meaningful programs and services we offer our city and community. We are grateful for your support.

—The JDT Team

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How You Help

Whether you’re a Supporter, Friend, Patron, or Partner, annual giving contributes to ongoing company work, dancer training, concert production, and administrative operations. Your annual gift makes professional dance in Jacksonville a reality.


Each donor to the JDT Sustainability Fund is listed on our website. This year we are celebrating a Decade of Support.

Thank you!


Thank you for keeping the movement going !